Instructions for use FlexOptima

Features of the use of cream FlexOptima

An effective cream to relieve joint pain, FlexOptima has its own uniqueness. In order for the prevention of joint disease to be most effective, it is necessary to use the product according to the instructions.

How to use FlexOptima

The drug FlexOptima is designed for normal metabolism in cartilage tissue. Many people are interested in the question - how to use the product? This drug has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. The unique cream will help prevent degenerative processes in cartilage tissue, as well as protect it from damage. The composition contains active ingredients that restore damaged tissue. They inhibit the production of harmful substances that destroy cartilage.

Instructions for using FlexOptima cream on joint pain

This cream is intended for external use. The product must be applied to the painful area several times a day. You must clean the skin first and dry it with a towel. After that, a small amount of product should be rubbed on the joints and rubbed until clean. Thorough skin cleansing helps the active ingredients penetrate the deep layers of the skin. After application, the process of cell regeneration will begin, and as a result, active joint rejuvenation. It is important to pay special attention to the aching part of the body.


Many people think that joint disease can only appear in adulthood. Unfortunately, this judgment is a myth since the disease is getting younger. It should be noted that the degenerative process quickly leads to the complete destruction of connective tissue. The drug FlexOptima has a number of the following indications for use:

  1. Inflammatory diseases of the joints.
  2. Age -related changes in cartilage tissue.
  3. Congenital / acquired joint abnormalities.
  4. Inflammatory process due to strenuous physical activity.
  5. Various injuries.
  6. Pain when moving, when resting.
  7. Joint deformities.
  8. Stiffness while moving, etc.

Keep in mind that joint disease may not be symptomatic. After a while, the disease will be felt, the patient needs expensive and lengthy treatment.

Note! Prevention of joint disease is very important at any age.

Level of action

A week The decision
First week The components of the cream begin to actively act on the aching part of the joint.
Second week Significant changes appear. Stiffness disappears, pain subsides, swelling subsides.
Third week There is maximum effect from natural ingredients. Joint elasticity is restored. The movement became painless, the patient recorded a stable result while using the drug. >
Fourth week Complete recovery of connective tissue, relieving pain symptoms.


FlexOptima has no contraindications. At the same time, it is very important to take this drug strictly according to instructions. An effective remedy for overcoming the symptoms of joint disease, it is recommended to use it for the prevention of degenerative changes. You can order innovative medicines in Poland. To place an order, you do not need to simply indicate the name and phone number of your contact in the form listed on the official website.